Sign your agreement! There are just some things I don’t understand.One of them is why a company, a union, or an employer has their counterpart sign an agreement and yet they themselves never sign it. Sometimes the agreement even states that it is not effective until countersigned by the originating party, and yet the originating party never signs the agreement!

I had a matter probably 15 years ago where a union tried to enforce some vacation pay rules against a small, and struggling, contractor. The union was coming down like a ten thousand pound gorilla. When I received a copy of the union’s on-file collective bargaining agreement, I noticed that it was never signed by the union. I immediately sent a termination of offer to contract by certified mail, and I never heard from them again. They knew what the problem was, because they never accepted their own contract, and therefore it never became valid, but rather, only an open offer.

I just saw a contract from a company employing someone that contained some restrictive covenants. Similar analysis. The contract is likely valid because of performance by way of compensation and the like on the part of the employer, but why not just sign the agreement and leave all doubt behind?

It’s a simple act. It’s your contract. It’s written for your benefit. Sign the contract!