Business law necessarily involves providing guidance regarding, and at times negotiating or litigating, tax issues. These taxes may involve corporate or personal income taxes at the state or federal level, employment taxes at the state or federal level, state sales and use taxes, or local real estate and personal property taxes. Understanding the scope and impact of the taxes which may affect you, your business or project has a direct relationship on the viability of success and extent of profitability.

We have represented clients before the Internal Revenue Service, the Missouri Department of Revenue, the Missouri Department of Employment Security, and multiple city and county taxing authorities on an array of matters. A sampling of the matters for which we have provided representation includes obtaining the re-characterization of business losses as those related to a trade or business, and thus deductible as ordinary non-passive losses; obtaining a favorable letter ruling characterizing the purchase of motor vehicle equipment as a manufacturing component instead of being taxed at the time of purchase; substantial reductions through compromise of tax liabilities, thereby allowing for the release of state and federal liens and the orderly liquidation of, and higher proceeds from, an insolvent company; and reduction in the valuation of both real and personal property.

We can assist in obtaining tax credits and, in the case of real property, tax abatement.

If the tax aspects of the business opportunity is of importance to you, please contact us. We understand the co-relationship between business and tax and actively look for ways to lessen the impact of those tax liabilities.