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Corporate law addresses a wide and varied range of issues which impact everything a business entity (whether corporation, limited liability company, partnership or some variation of the foregoing ) may, and in many situations certainly will, face during its existence. Whether it is the initial meeting to discuss choice of entity and minimization of corporate or personal taxes, preparation of formation and governance documents, agreements between owners to restrict the sale and transfer of stock or to provide liquidity in the event of death, disability or other triggers (e.g., Buy-Sell Agreements), resolution of disputes between directors or shareholders, contracts with employees, vendors and customers, financing matters, employment issues, the sale and purchase of divisions, assets or entire companies, a “corporate lawyer” should be consulted and involved in reviewing the options available to achieve your objectives.

We work proactively in bringing our years of experience in business not only to provide guidance in choosing which entity makes smart sense both from a tax and operational perspective, but explaining why a particular entity is preferable over others.

If partners, or other investors, are involved, additional documentation is advisable to memorialize the amount of investment, expectations concerning distribution, governance issues and management rights. Important to consider early on in the company’s existence is the advisability of a Buy-Sell Agreement, either where the company buys, or the other owners buy, the shares or interests upon a shareholder’s or partner’s death, disability or other separation from service with the company.

Experienced attorneys will provide you with comprehensive, personalized corporate law services whether incorporating a new business or counsel on any of the myriad of legal matters that come up during business life. Specializing in helping small business owners and the owners of medium-sized businesses, our business attorneys will guide you through the maze of laws and regulations that govern your business industry.

Start Ups
We assist entrepreneurs and new business owners in understanding and selecting the appropriate type of company, or “entity,” they wish to form, whether it be a standard “C” corporation, a Subchapter “S” corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or other entity, each type having its own tax consequences. We advise on all legal requirements for their chosen entity type.

Established Companies
Once a business is established, providing ongoing counsel for matters of financing, buy-sell agreements, contracts, governance issues, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and more, are at your disposal.

Advising non-profit organizations, including obtaining federal tax-exempt status under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code and counseling clients on legal matters unique to non-profit organizations, is also available.

Some of the corporate law services available to small- and medium-sized businesses:

Corporate Law Articles

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