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Why, it’s your homeowner’s association, condominium or subdivision minutes!

Unlike earlier articles we have written about the necessity to memorialize and document actions taken by condominium and subdivision boards and their constituent members, there is an equally important matter which, unfortunately, I just sort of assumed would be understood, but perhaps it is worth repeating.

Once you have your minutes written, you need to preserve those minutes as they are a permanent record of proceedings of a homeowner’s association. There are matters — perhaps, and more importantly for some organizations than others, as in the case of boards that regularly turn over (such as non-profit boards including subdivision associations and condominium associations) — where the institutional knowledge may not run as deep as at a wholly owned business entity. But even in the case of a wholly owned business entity, at some point, there may be a change of control, and those past minutes may offer not only a wealth of knowledge but also much valuable information to permit continuity at a time of transition.

It is advisable to scan your minutes into a PDF or other digitally read format and upload them to the cloud or have one or more backups. That way there will always be, it is hoped, another copy of your minutes. And, do not forget to add your current minutes to your digital repository in a timely fashion.