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I made an overture to a relative of mine in another state inquiring whether or not they knew someone who might be able to get us some information to access a fund in that state to relocate, or start a new, manufacturing plant in that state. I emailed my relative on Tuesday afternoon. That Wednesday morning, literally the first call when I walked into my office was the County Commissioner, the number one person, calling me to inquire what information did I need and how quickly did I want them to move on the business opportunity. Was I impressed, or was I impressed! We joked for a little bit, but then he made a very clear point. The Commissioner said:  “We take business seriously, very seriously. Job creation is our number one focus.”

I don’t know how you get any simpler in enunciating a mission statement and then carrying through.

Although probably most of us are not in a position to direct funding for a business project, the take away is that as soon as that lead was made known, he reached out and contacted me immediately. A good friend of mine who lectures in practical, real world marketing, calls that C2C marketing, Chief to Chief marketing, and let’s get the deal done.

Good luck with marketing your business, and don’t let those opportunities languish.