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Last week I had the distinct pleasure of accompanying one of our clients to Overland, Kansas for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year program for the Midwest region.  It was a black tie affair, befitting the accomplishments of the all of the honorary finalists.  Each and every one of them had toiled hard and for many years.  But the toiling was not in a vacuum.  Each business owner had a vision for what they wanted to achieve, were passionate about seeing that vision through, and interestingly, each saw that fun was an integral part of realizing on that dream.

Material abounded regarding companies, their accomplishments, and most importantly how they achieved those accomplishments were abundant.  What was intriguing was that passion overcame all of the obstacles that were thrown in their midst and allowed them to keep focused.

If you don’t have that passion that keeps you going day after day, year after year, maybe something’s missing.  If you are thinking about starting out in business, think of where your passion is and follow that dream.