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CNBC just posted a ranking of states for doing business in 2011.  Missouri inched up one spot to the No. 16 spot for 2011.  The primary factor in the ranking was the cost of doing business, where we ranked 3rd in the nation.  Other single digit rankings included cost of living, where Missouri ranked No. 8 and infrastructure and transportation at No. 9.  Education also ranked high where Missouri came in at No. 17, though that was slippage of two slots from 2010.  Also notable was that access to capital found Missouri ranked at No. 22 and one slot behind was technology and innovation.

As small business attorneys for 25 years, we know that generally businesses start where owners live, not the environment of some distant city or state.  Though there are stories of people leaving town to pursue their entrepreneurial dream, I also know other people who have come to St. Louis because all of the qualities it has without some of the craziness that other, perhaps more popular, locales are afflicted with.

Congratulations to all business owners for taking the chance and keeping the dream of owning a business alive.