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Executive Employment Contracts


An executive within an organization fills an important role, and both the company and the executive have substantial interests which are customarily set forth in an employment or other agreement.

Such agreements include important terms such as the job responsibilities, reporting relationships, salary, benefits, bonus, stock options or grants, and in some instances, the terms and conditions of a severance package or change of control provisions. Employment contracts also regularly include non-competition, non-solicitation and other restrictive covenants which set forth both the employer’s and the employee’s rights and obligations upon termination of the contract.

We can identify potential legal problems surrounding various contract terms and conditions, and provide input on solutions. We have represented hundreds of companies and individuals with regard to employment contracts, non-compete, non-solicitation and other employment-related matters.

We can help you navigate writing and negotiating employment agreements, as well as other employment-related matters. Contact us for more information.